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Dentures are made for patients when all the teeth are missing or have a need to extract remaining bad teeth, and have lost the function of their teeth to be able to chew well. Patients can get back the lost function of the teeth to eat and chew nutricious food using dentures. Denture can be placed as upper dentures or lower dentures to the patients. Denture can also really help to bring back the lost function of teeth. When you have denture in the mouth. These denture are held in the mouth with the support of the gums and the muscles around the mouth. Sometimes due to the lack of tissue, the denture may not be retentive; therefore dentists use denture adhesives and dental implants to aid in the denture retention. Examples of denture adhesive


Dentists at Riverview Dental Care Ltd, uses different types of attachments for the denture to clip onto the dental implants. In general implants are placed in the lower jaws and the denture can be attached to implants by either a ball, stud like or bar attachment. Dental implant retained denture are more stable in the mouth therefore improved comfort for the person to chew and feel more confident with their smile using dentures. Denture may not be easy to wear. The different dental options that are available should be discussed with your Dentist .


If you are looking at doing a Complete and Full Denture at Riverview Dental Care Ltd, Please visit with our dentist, Dr. Jigna T. Thakkar, DDS at our dental clinic in St. Charles, IL

Complete and Full Dentures at Riverview Dental Care Ltd

Use tap water for daily cleaning. Denture cleaning tablets or solutions can be used for enhanced cleaning to help to remove buildups and stains.


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